Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday Casual: Coated Pants

I definitely have a love/hate relationship with waxed pants. On one hand they dress up a pretty boring and casual outfit, but on the other they're not comfortable (or at least all the ones I've ever tried on). I know I'm being picky but is it wrong to want to wear leggings or have all pants feel as comfortable as leggings every day? Anywho, I decided to wear them anyways because they sorta dressed up my look. and I'm not gonna lie they make me feel pretty cool. Sorta :) 

Top: H&M / Pants: Winners / Shoes: JustFab / ArmCandy: DKNY & Mintbarry 

I wanted to make a gif with me putting on my scarf and as you can see this session was a fail. lol at the sexy middle photo...very smooth scarf putting-on application going on here.

Hell yah for hair flips and first gifs! I'm sucha noob it took me what felt like years to figure out how to make these -.-' Well everyone starts off somewhere right?

Toodles ;)

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