Saturday, March 15, 2014

Spring Essentials : Handbags

I can't lie, about 90% of my purses are black. It's only because I'm driven mainly by my sad student budget and I need something a. big and sturdy enough for school, b. reasonably priced, and c. in a color I can wear with anything. But imagine for a second I had the bank account to purchase any purse I want (every girls dream am i right??), I'd buy that impractical clutch that matches only one outfit. So here you go; I've compiled my dream collage of purses I'd buy this spring. Let's all salivate together.

  1. Steve Madden - Bstevie
  2. Saint Laurent - Neon Yellow Leather Monogram Shoulder Bag
  3. Zara - Shoulder Bag with Metal Fastening
  4. Philip Lim - Black & Iridescent 31 Minute Lambskin Clutch
  5. Michael Kors - Gia Shoulder Flap Bag
  6. Marc By Marc Jacobs - Moto Satchel
  7. Zara - Animal Print Messenger Bag

I hope ya'll are enjoying my little spring essentials series :)

Till next Thursday. Chow!


  1. This is such a lovely post! The Michael Kors shoulder bag is to die for.

    1. Thank you! & I know right. The style and especially colour = perfect!



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