Saturday, July 19, 2014

Valens Lake

Taken with my Blackberry Q5 - Even through the rain we made the best of it.

- Mariah-Ruthel

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Distillery District

My uncle took some photos of us while we were exploring the distillery district here in Toronto last Sunday. He used his fancy little vintage camera and I loved the effect and way the pictures looked. I like to pretend I too have one of those old film cameras, which thus explains the filters on these pictures.

Check out his Facebook page here to see the awesome pictures he snapped that day. He's legit--to legit to quit!

Needless to say I love this part of Toronto. It might just be my favorite. Just the name alone "distillery district." Don't it just make ya feel like you're in the hunger games novel.

The photos were taken by Edward, my aunt Bernadette and myself. Also thank you Camera Bag for creating an app with such bomb filters. I wouldn't know how to edit photos without you. You the real MVP.

Peace out,

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Monday, July 7, 2014

Green & Black

This outfit took me from Sunday morning church to a festival downtown.

Taking pictures in the middle of the street was definitely something I couldn't do a month ago. It takes a whole lot of confidence and a complete disregard for the safety of yourself and others. lolz. It's funny though to see attempted pictures with cars right behind me.

Shoes: Steve Madden | Pants: Dynamite | Purse: Danier | Top: Express

After this Midterm I have today, I'll post more pictures of our day :)


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