Thursday, March 27, 2014

New In: OPI Muppets Collection Nail Polishes

Boyfriend went in for a haircut so naturally I browsed the nail polish collection and picked up two nail polishes from the OPI Muppets Most Wanted Collection. I haven't bought a new nail polish since December--believe it or not--and wasn't even really interested in buying anything new, but I have to say the Muppets Collection was absolutely beautiful. I loved every colour and was definitely suckered into purchasing. Chalkboard nails did a blog post on the whole collection here. Which makes me want to buy a couple more.

I picked up "Kermit Me To Speak" which is my favourite nail polish ever! (Well as of now at least) It's duo-chrome and has purples and pinks and it reminds me a lot of  OPI's Stainless Steel which I did a blog post on here, except its less greenish. I've been loving the look of the chrome polish on my nails.

I also picked up "Gaining Mole-Mentum." I don't usually buy glitter polishes, I have about two glitter polishes but I couldn't pass this one up. There's different sizes of glitter and its pink and it's so so so pretty. Wearing it makes me feel so girly.

With flash

Till next time :) 

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