Sunday, February 23, 2014

Photo Diary - Laid Back Saturday

Growing up I realize it isn't the fancy parties or the cool new places to hangout (though those are great in themselves) it was always about the company you keep. This Saturday I spent the day with my Bear & my family. Bear and I ate some Filipino food for lunch. We picked up my brother and spent the rest of the night frying tim tams in pancake batter (mmm), eating pizza and watching movies together. I wouldn't have wanted to spend my Saturday doing anything else.

My outfit today was super casual. It was chilly but I don't bother to wear a winter coat if we're not spending large amounts of time outside. It's definitely something I'd throw on for school.

OOTD -- Jean Jacket - Levis (Recent Purchase--first time buying a jean jacket believe it or not) / Hoodie - Nike / Pants - Express / Shoes - Luxe
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