Saturday, December 6, 2014

Over The Knee Boots & Film

I love the look of film! (hashtag filmaintdead) My uncle was kind enough to lend us one of his film cameras to play with and though Edward and I struggled with the camera a bit, I think the pictures turned out better than I thought. We captured a little outfit I put together for a small house party with friends. I paired some of my favourite thrifted pieces that have been in my wardrobe for years with some new additions.

Boots from French Connection | Skort from United Colors of Benetton (via the thrift store) | Purse from Marino Orlandi (via the thrift store) | Hand me down sweater (via my aunt - brand unknown)  | Vest from Kenar (via Marshalls) 

My boots were a belated birthday gift from Edward and I'm really close to being featured on "Strange Addictions." I mean I love these boots. They're so comfy it feels like you're not wearing heels and I just love how they fit. Ahh! They are amazing and I almost refuse to wear any other shoes. So thank you Edward, for buying me the best pair of shoes I've ever had the pleasure of inserting my feet into. Thank you.

- Mariah-Ruthel - 
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  1. Mariah, you and these boots look awesome. And the film does look great indeed. Did you use any postproduction filters on this photoshoot?

    1. Hey Lesia! The only filters I added were the black and white. All the other photos I kept the way it printed. Hope that answers your question :)

  2. I love the details on you coat. You look so chic!

  3. Thanks for the comment :)

    I just followed ya..hope you'll follow me back

  4. I love your style, dearie! <3 (Like, totally lurve the boots!! How I wish I could wear like that in the Philippines, right? ) And you look beautiful as well. Fab and pretty! ^_^

    Dearest yours,
    Jong :)

  5. Wow I love the vest and the boots! You look stunning!!


  6. Love this outfit girl!!! <3


  7. nice outfit!!
    you look so edgy



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